Reedmaster Ligatur Saxophon

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Manufacturing ligatures: your ears are in for a surprise.

Get ready to experience a revolution in ligatures. Thanks to a groundbreaking design for the insertion of the reed, our virtually ‘non-contact’ ligatures offer a superlative, light response that is second to none in any octave register. The result is an unbelievably balanced sound. The difference you hear will surprise you. We promise!

Revolutionary reed insertion

Fast, precise placement of the reed

Better response

Improved tone development in all octave registers

More dynamic possibilities

Whether in piano pianissimo or fortissimo

More sustainable sound

Richer sound spectrum in all registers

Better articulation

Easy, clear tone generation

Lighter feel

Perceptibly lighter and more intuitive playing

Thomas Reil

We put great stock in our customers’ opinions:

Thomas Reil, member of Ensemble Tangette

‘Not only on the B-flat clarinet, but on all of the other instruments in its family as well, the Reedmaster ligature offers tremendous advantages with regard to sound volume and the possibilities of dynamic complexity. On the saxophone, it makes enunciation in the lower range so much easier that it allows you to play in a considerably freer and more carefree way. I’m very grateful to the developers!’

Christoph Müller

We put great stock in our customers’ opinions:

Christoph Müller, principal clarinettist in the Bamberg Symphony

‘The newly developed ligature from REEDMASTER marks a major advance in its area. It offers easy handling and allows precise adjustment of the reed in the mouthpiece. I especially appreciate its positive effect on the sound: the tone is warm but also centred, the articulation clear and direct. Ideal conditions for bringing out the best in the clarinet in the orchestra, in chamber music and in solo performances.’

Prof. Günter Voit

We put great stock in our customers’ opinions:

‘Reedmaster ligatures can perceptibly improve your enunciation and the brilliance of your sound. The reeds just respond better! The ligatures allow you to play the high register on the clarinet with much greater stability!’

Prof. Hubert Winter

We put great stock in our customers’ opinions:

‘The Reedmaster ligature is a valuable innovation on the woodwind hardware market. It changes the instrument’s playing and sound characteristics noticeably, giving you a more direct, more centred connection with your own sound. This is likely because of the optimised vibration transmission. I can recommend the ligature without reservation and I’m excited about the developments yet to come from Reedmaster.’

Prof. Detlef Bensmann

We put great stock in our customers’ opinions:

‘The saxophone and clarinet ligatures designed by Walter Lauermann are to be recommended, both for the sound they make possible and for the ease of fixing the reed in place. In terms of sound, because they support saxophones’ fundamental tones, which tend to be overtone-heavy. And in terms of teaching, because the way the reed is inserted in the ligature especially helps beginners to correctly set it in place; and fixing the reed in this way helps to prevent it from being damaged.’

Thomas Lampert

We put great stock in our customers’ opinions:

Thomas Lampert, principal clarinettist of the Würzburg Philharmonic Orchestra and instructor at the University of Music Würzburg

‘When Gerhard Cäsar first introduced his new ligature to me, I was rather sceptical. With the wealth of different products now available, I was sure all the possibilities had been exhausted and no more big innovations were to be expected… How wrong I was! From the first tests onwards, I didn’t want to let go of the ligatures. The response and sound development were breathtaking! Since then, through use in the orchestra, this has only been confirmed. Incidentally, this innovation also demonstrates outstanding workmanship. I can’t recommend it highly enough!’

Our ligatures: we attend to every detail.


Use your usual reed – in an unusually simple way


The unbeatably simple clamping system for the optimal adjustment of the reed.


High-gloss bracket made of brass or German silver.


Our ingenious screw system.


The upper piece consists of high-quality ebonite.

Nothing but the best for your instrument. REEDMASTER ligatures for clarinet and saxophone.

Our exceptional ligatures are available for the following instruments: